Hello and welcome to Scey-sur-Saône.

Pascale and Jean-François Spitz will be looking forward to welcoming you soon in their enchanting Bed and Breakfast !




Situated in the heart of Franche-Comté Region in the county of Haute-Saône in the borough of Scey-sur-Saône and Saint Albin.

In Scey-sur-Saône or  Port-sur-Saône, you will be able to rent out a small houseboat (you don’t need a licence) to sail on the Saône River or to go through the underground canal of Saint Albain.
Scey-sur-Saône is situated 22 km (14 miles) away from  Vesoul and  54 km (34 miles) from Besançon.

Scey-sur-Saône is the County Seat of the County in the centre of the District Community of  Combes which comprises the 26 following districts:

  • Aroz
  • Baignes
  • Boursières
  • Bucey-lès-Traves
  • Chantes
  • Chassey-lès-Scey
  • Chemilly
  • Clans
  • Ferrières-lès-Scey
  • Mailley-et-Chazelot
  • La Neuvelle-lès-Scey
  • Le Pont-de-Planches
  • Neuvelle-lès-la-Charité
  • Noidans-le-Ferroux
  • Ovanches
  • Pontcey
  • Raze
  • Rosey
  • Rupt-sur-Saône
  • Scey-sur-Saône-et-Saint-Albin
  • Soing-Cubry-Charentenay
  • Traves
  • Velleguindry-et-Levrecey
  • Velle-le-Châtel
  • Vy-le-Ferroux
  • Vy-lès-Rupt

The total population in those districts is about 7000 inhabitants.

Four guest houses are available to meet your every need:

A 38 square metres bedroom + bathroom and separate WC are available. The size of the bed is 160 x 200 and a sofa bed (120 x 200) is available as well.

A second bedroom with a connecting door to the first bedroom is available for you should you require it. The second bedroom has a bathroom with a shower and WC and a bed (160 x 200). Another bed (90 x 200) is also available.
Those 2 bedrooms can accommodate a family of 6.
A third bedroom (16 square metres) with bathroom and shower and separate WC is also available. The size of the bed is 160 x 200.

A fourth bedroom (20 square metres) with ergonomic bathroom – equipped with aid-grab bars and an Italian Shower and WC is available. The size of the bed is 160 x 200 .


Some of the quilts are made of feather – Please let us know if you suffer from allergies.
Each room is equipped with a TV.
Free Wi-Fi in every bedroom as well as in the common areas.

PRICES: From 75€ per night for 2 people, breakfast is included.
20€ per additional person.

Where do the names of our bedrooms come from?

The Haute Saône Region is very often referred to as « High Potato »  by the people who live in the surrounding counties. This nickname comes from the fact that in the past this county was a major potato producing region and that is also why we have decided to name our bedrooms after the potatoes that made this county famous.