Ratte de Brest


This bedroom is 20 square metres with a large ergonomic bathroom equipped with aid-grab bars, an Italian shower and WC. The bed is 160 x 20 in size.


Some of the quilts are made of feather – Please let us know if you suffer from allergies.
Each room is equipped with a TV.
Prices: From 90€ per night for 2 people, breakfast is included.

What is « La ratte de Brest » ?

“La Ratte de Brest” potato  has been around since 1872 and has been officially registered on the French Register for vegetables since the Register was created in 1935.

The origin of this potato could be related to a traditional Danish variety named “Asparges”.

This variety of potato is difficult to grow and is not very resistant to diseases.

The tuber of this potato looks like a kidney. This variety grows later during the year. It is planted in March and April and harvested 110 to 120 days later. It is a small potato with a unique nutty flavour and smooth, buttery texture. Its taste hints richly of hazelnuts and chestnuts.

This potato is a favourite of French chefs including Joel Robuchon who uses them to make his famous potato puree.


Source :http://fr.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ratte_(pomme_de_terre)