Haute patate





This bedroom is 16 square metres. It has its own bathroom and it is equipped with shower and WC.

The dimensions of the bed are : 160 x 200 .


Some of the quilts are made of feather – Please let us know if you suffer from allergies.
Each room is equipped with a TV.

INDENPENT ENTRY, KITCHEN + LOUNGE + PRIVATE GARDENS. TARRIFFS:  85 € per night for two people. Breakfast is included.
25€ per additional person.

What does « Haute Patate » mean ?

 The Haute Saône Region is very often referred to as « High Potato »  by the people who live in the surrounding counties. This nickname comes from the fact that in the past this county was a major potato producing region and that is also why we have decided to name our bedrooms after the potatoes that made this county famous.