A 38 square metres bedroom with bathroom equipped with shower and WC.

The room has a 160 x 200 sized bed and a 120 x 200 sized sofa.

A second room with a connecting door is available for you should you require it.

 Those 2 bedrooms can accommodate a family of 6.

Some of the quilts are made of feather – Please let us know if you suffer from allergies.
Each room is equipped with a TV.

INDENPENT ENTRY, KITCHEN + LOUNGE + PRIVATE GARDENS. TARRIFFS:  90 € per night for two people. Breakfast is included.
25€ per additional person.

From this bedroom, you can access a connecting bedroom.



“The Roseval potato” is a type of potato that was created and put onto the market in 1950 by seed manufacturer SICABretagne Plants. This potato has been officially registered on the French Register for vegetables since 1st January 1950 as well as on the European Register.

This potato is a cross between the Rosa Potato – an old French type of potato with a red skin and the « Val » potato. It is a middle sized potato, with a long shape like a mallet. The skin is red and the inside is yellow. This potato has been used to create the “Cherie” potato.

This potato belongs is classified A (or intermediary A-B) by chefs with a firm flesh. It is perfect for salads and jacket potatoes.

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